The Rockin' Horse!

The studio has a 24 track digital recorder, augmented by a powerful PC setup running Logic Audio. The mixer is an analog Soundtracs Solo Logic with 64 channels on mixdown. Microphones by Neumann, Sennheiser, CAD Equitec, AKG, Shure. Monitors by JBL, headphones Sony, Beyer Dynamic. Mastering on a Sadie Classic system, with DDP capacity. Outboard gear comprises compressors, diverse effects for reverb and delay, gates, and a separate 4 way headphone mixer. Drums, and a small but very good selection of backline options are all available for your individual needs. Just contact Dave Bell for any other information or questions you may have.

To hear an example, just klick on the link below......

Bad Newz - Desparate Road